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When it comes to medically-assisted treatment (MAT) in Los Angeles, we set the industry standard. Visit our Los Angeles clinic and receive comprehensive, personalized treatment from the best Suboxone doctors in the area.

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Our Los Angeles Suboxone clinic can help you recover from opioid addiction. We are currently also offering telemedicine due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Call us today to eliminate cravings and start your recovery.

Many of our Suboxone doctors are board certified physicians that are qualified to work with you to overcome your opioid dependence. They have helped thousands of patients recover from addiction and eliminate withdrawal symptoms.

Pain Managment

We offer alternative pain management options to help you keep your pain in check without having to rely on traditional highly addictive opiates. Let us help you find the most effective pain management option. 

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Medication-Assisted Treatment Done Right

Don’t let an opioid addiction continue to run your life and steal your happiness. Our experienced and empathetic staff are ready to start you on a treatment plan designed for your enduring success. If you’ve tried everything, but nothing has stuck or reduced your urge to use, recovery is still possible through medically-assisted treatment. 

Suboxone is a proven, evidence-based approach toward addiction recovery. Since its inception, our Los Angeles clinic has helped countless patients achieve sobriety – and, today, we would love to help you receive the same results.

What is Suboxone?

Suboxone is the brand name for a prescription medication used to treat both illegal and prescription opioid addiction. Its primary ingredients, buprenorphine and naloxone, help reverse the painful side effects of withdrawing from a short-acting opioid like heroin or Vicodin. Buprenorphine is a partial opioid agonist that works to block the opiate receptors and reduce the recovering individual’s urges.

Meanwhile, naloxone helps to reverse the damaging effects of opioids. Together, these drugs form Suboxone, the most potent medically-assisted treatment measure to treat an opioid addiction. 

Unlike other opioid replacement medications, such as methadone, that require a prescription from a specialized treatment center, Suboxone can be prescribed by your general practitioner. However, it is always wisest to source Suboxone treatment from a specialty clinic like LA Suboxone. Most recovering individuals use Suboxone at the start of treatment to lessen the pains of withdrawal. It can also be used in tandem with a form of talk therapy or as a part of a more significant continuing treatment and recovery plan.

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How Does Suboxone Help Addiction Treatment?

Suboxone can be both a short-term fix for withdrawals or a long-term solution for managing opioid addiction. The medication does what, in most cases, group and individual therapy cannot – eliminate opioid cravings altogether. 

Suboxone is a depressant, meaning it allows you to slow down rather than speed up like a stimulant. Our Suboxone patients report feelings of calm and overall well-being, pain relief, fewer worries, and a greater sense of relaxation. 

With the improved mindset Suboxone produces, addicts are better equipped to handle the challenges of early sobriety and set themselves on the path of lasting success.

About Our Suboxone Clinic in Los Angeles

While it comes as close as you can get to a miracle cure for addiction for some patients, Suboxone is not a one-size-fits-all solution for substance abuse disorders. Our experienced Suboxone doctors are aware of this. As board-certified physicians with in-depth knowledge of addiction recovery, they are qualified to craft a medically-assisted treatment plan to help you overcome your opioid addiction that’s tailored to your unique obstacles and advantages.

Benefits of Suboxone

Pain Management

Pain is often a reason people become subject to opioid addiction. Suboxone is a great way to manage pain without the high risk of abuse. This is key to those who are struggling with pain management.

Stops Cravings

Suboxone does not produce a high and only allows for someone to feel normal. These non addictive qualities make Suboxone such an effective method of overcoming addiction.

Withdrawal Aid

Suboxone makes the brain produce the same reaction that it would while taking drugs. This reduces withdrawal symptoms and allows for an individual to change harmful habits into healthy ones.

What We Offer

If you’re in the Los Angeles area and ready to recover from your opioid use disorder, Los Angeles Suboxone has everything you need to succeed.

Suboxone Clinic

Our Los Angeles Suboxone clinic is centrally located for your convenience. During this enduring new normal, we still remain dedicated to the recovery of our clients. As long as the COVID-19 pandemic lingers, we will offer telemedicine solutions. Call us today to eliminate opioid cravings and find peace through sobriety.

The Suboxone Doctors Los Angeles Trusts

Our doctors are dedicated to the ongoing recovery of our patients. When you step into our clinic, you will find qualified and compassionate physicians with a working knowledge of the intricacies of opioid addiction. With the help of Suboxone, they have helped thousands of patients achieve sobriety and eliminate withdrawal symptoms.

Alternative Pain Management Options

Get a Los Angeles Suboxone treatment that lasts. We offer alternative pain management options to help you keep your pain in check without having to rely on traditional, highly addictive opiates. Let us help you find the most effective pain management option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Medication-assisted treatment with Suboxone is a highly effective solution for those struggling with a debilitating addiction to opioids. If you are diagnosed with opioid use disorder, and the painful side effects of opioid withdrawal have kept you from achieving sobriety in the past, you are likely a good candidate for Suboxone treatment.

We must make you aware that while you are prescribed Suboxone, it is dangerous to drink alcohol and take benzodiazepines. If you feel you cannot complete Suboxone treatment without consuming either, it is best to be honest with yourself. If you do drink or take pills with Suboxone in your system, you put yourself at an increased risk of respiratory failure.

Suboxone replaces prescription pain pills or street opioids like heroin with a safe medication prescribed by a licensed practitioner from our Los Angeles clinic. Since Suboxone only partially fills the opioid receptors in the brain, patients do not continue to build a tolerance to opioids. This inability to build tolerance is the essential distinguishing characteristic from methadone. Once we have our patients stabilized on their Suboxone treatment plan, they can put in the work to forge a fulfilling and worthwhile life.

Addiction is a complex illness. Recovery is rarely linear and requires a great deal of grit, willpower, and patience. Even if someone is determined to achieve abstinence, intense cravings for opioids and the misery of withdrawal can undermine even the strongest mindset. Suboxone, Naloxone, and Sublocade help people with intense, inescapable cravings avoid relapse, especially during the first 12 to 18 months of recovery.

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